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Unleash Your Sales Potential!

Join us for Sales Base Camp, a 5-week course led by the renowned Dr. Scott O. Baird.

About The Course

Salespeople often struggle to provide the spark needed for buyers to ignite their desire and commit to a solution. When prospects lack motivation, passion, or a strong sense of urgency; sellers cannot make them recognize the vision of either problem or solution, let alone find value in what's being sold over someone else who may have similar offerings. With that disconnect between seller and buyer growing ever stronger every day, it begs the question: How can we reignite the spark again?

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    Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Scott O. Baird, celebrated author and visionary behind Griffin Hill's innovative approach to enhancing organizational and sales effectiveness, brings over three decades of expertise in business performance research. His passion for dissecting and improving the sales process has led to pioneering advancements in the field. 

Dr. Baird's work extends beyond the sales cycle, introducing groundbreaking methods that redefine how organizations achieve sustained excellence. As the founding principal of Griffin Hill, his commitment to innovation continues to inspire and transform the landscape of business performance, making him a leading figure in the pursuit of organizational success.

    Course Syllabus

Week 1 - Intro to the Griffin Hill Methodology

Week 2 - Crafting Irresistible Value Propositions

Week 3 - Identifying Key Decision-Makers

Week 4 - Effective Customer Communication

Week 5 - Hands-On Learning and Growth Mindset

*Instructor may adjust topics or order based on student need & experience

In This Course, You Will Learn


Socratic Sales Methodology

Participants will learn about Griffin Hill's proprietary Socratic Sales Methodology. This approach involves asking thoughtful, probing questions to guide potential customers towards recognizing their needs and understanding the value of the product or service being offered.


Crafting Irresistible Value Propositions

How to create compelling value propositions that effectively communicate the benefits of your products and service to potential customers. This skill is essential for capturing attention and interest.


Identifying Key Decision-Makers

Strategies to identify and connect with the key decision-makers within a potential customer's organization. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring that sales efforts are directed towards those who have the authority to make purchasing decisions.


Effective Customer Communication

Techniques for effective communication with customers, including active listening, empathetic communication, and tailoring messages to the specific needs and concerns of each customer.


Hands-On Learning and Growth Mindset

Participants will gain insights into communication, relationship-building, goal setting, and developing a growth mindset that fosters continuous improvement and adaptation in the sales field.


Team Building

Learn how you can use persuasive questioning and active listening to hire better candidates, build cohesive teams, and have better employee retention.

                     What is included in this course:

  • 5 Weeks With a Live Instructor
  • Socratic Sales Methodology
  • Crafting Irresistible Value Propositions
  • Identifying Key Decision-Makers
  • Effective Customer Communication
  • Hands-On Learning and Growth Mindset
  • Network With Other CEOs & C-level Execs
  • Small Class Size (Max: 20)
  • A FREE 2 Months Elite Membership (A $1298 Value!)

Griffin Hill Base Camp Sales Course

Starting August 16th

ONLY $499.00

Class Dates: August 16, 23, 30, Sept 6, 13 

Class Times: Friday 10-11am MT



Why is the price so low?

It would ordinarily require a $1200 - $2000 investment for this type of course, but for a limited time, we are offering "Griffin Hill Base Camp Sales Course" at an introductory rate of $499.


What exactly is the performance system I'll get access to for free for 2 months?

You'll get free access to all the tools and benefits that Elite members enjoy. This includes Learning, 1:1 Coaching, and Technologies such as High Performance Journal, Goal Achiever, Scorecard, and Priority Alignment Tool. This will give you exposure to the methodology and tools that high performing sales leaders are using to grow revenue faster and more efficiently.


Why Griffin Hill?

With a strong reputation, Griffin Hill gets most new clients from referrals and recommendations from clients and past clients. Griffin Hill has a long history and track record of helping leaders and their teams to dominate and outperform, even in the hardest markets across industries such as Technology, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Business Services.

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